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We provide LEARN centre-based programmes, delivering Continuous Professional Development throughout the year based on the national, regional and local picture. Delegate places can booked as a whole school or as an individual. If there isn’t a date available to suit you, please get in touch as we will endeavor to meet your needs.

LEARN also offer Cluster Networks and Bespoke School Support, CLICK HERE to learn more.

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Tue 18th Jan 2022LENS 2020: Behaviour and Engagement (Day 2 of 2)Bookings closedVirtual
Wed 19th Jan 2022Elklan (Day 1 of 3)SOLD OUTVirtual
Thu 3rd Feb 2022Subject Deep DiveAvailableVirtual
Fri 4th Feb 2022Elklan (Day 2 of 3)SOLD OUTVirtual
Tue 8th Feb 2022Computing Network (CIT Schools Only - 2/3)AvailableVirtual
Wed 9th Feb 2022LENS 2020: Attendance (Day 2 of 2)Bookings closedVirtual
Thu 10th Feb 2022Learning Without LabelsSOLD OUTVirtual
Tue 22nd Feb 2022NEW DATE: Paediatric First Aid (Day 1 of 2)AvailableLEARN
Wed 23rd Feb 2022NEW DATE: Paediatric First Aid (Day 2 of 2)AvailableLEARN
Thu 24th Feb 2022English ModerationAvailableVirtual
Fri 25th Feb 2022Meta-CognitionAvailableLEARN
Tue 1st Mar 2022Emergency First Aid at WorkAvailableLEARN
Wed 2nd Mar 2022NEW DATE: Working with WorriesAvailableLEARN
Thu 3rd Mar 2022New to SEND (Session 4 of 6)Contact UsLEARN
Fri 4th Mar 2022LEGO Therapy (Primary)AvailableLEARN
Fri 4th Mar 2022LEGO Therapy (Secondary)AvailableLEARN
Tue 8th Mar 2022Elklan (Day 3 of 3)SOLD OUTLEARN
Wed 9th Mar 2022De-escalationAvailableLEARN
Wed 9th Mar 2022Computing ModerationAvailableLEARN
Thu 10th Mar 2022Team Teach Level OneAvailableLEARN
Fri 11th Mar 2022Emotion Regulation and Self-RegulationAvailableLEARN
Mon 14th Mar 2022Mental Health in the Classroom and BeyondAvailableLEARN
Tue 15th Mar 2022Middle Leader Forum (Session 2 of 3)AvailableLEARN
Wed 16th Mar 2022Learning to ListenAvailableLEARN
Thu 17th Mar 2022Developing an Inclusive SettingBookings coming soonLEARN
Fri 18th Mar 2022Special Heads MeetingAvailableLEARN
Fri 18th Mar 2022SENCO Cluster MeetingAvailableVirtual
Tue 22nd Mar 2022NEW DATE: Maths ModerationAvailableLEARN
Tue 22nd Mar 2021Maths Network (CIT Schools Only - 2/3)AvailableVirtual
Wed 23rd Mar 2022Midday Supervisors De-escalation and Behaviour ManagementAvailableLEARN
Thu 24th Mar 2022Early Years Leadership Network (Session 2 of 3)AvailableLEARN
Fri 25th Mar 2022Inclusive PE and the Power of SportAvailableLEARN
Tue 29th Mar 2022Supporting SEN Pupils in Mainstream Classrooms to Develop MathsSOLD OUTLEARN
Wed 20th Apr 2022PSD ModerationAvailableLEARN
Thu 21st Apr 2022English Network (CIT Schools Only - 2/3)AvailableVirtual
Thu 21st Apr 2022Elklan (Day 1 of 3)Limited Places RemainingLEARN
Mon 25th Apr 2022New to SEND (Session 3 of 6)Contact UsVirtual
Tue 26th Apr 2022Emotion CoachingAvailableLEARN
Wed 27th Apr 2022Team Teach Level OneAvailableLEARN
Thu 28th Apr 2022Team Teach Level Two (Day 1 of 2)AvailableLEARN
Thu 28th Apr 2022Behaviour and Engagement (Session 2 of 2)AvailableLEARN
Fri 29th Apr 2022Team Teach Level Two (Day 2 of 2)AvailableLEARN
Wed 4th May 2022Supporting Children with Grief and LossAvailableLEARN
Thu 5th May 2022Governance of SENDAvailableVirtual
Wed 18th May 2022Outdoor First Aid (Day 1 of 2)AvailableLEARN
Thu 19th May 2022Elklan (Day 2 of 3)Limited Places RemainingLEARN
Thu 19th May 2022Outdoor First Aid (Day 2 of 2)AvailableLEARN
Thu 19th May 2022Phonics & Early Reading Network (CIT Schools Only - 2/2)AvailableVirtual
Fri 20th May 2022New to SEND (Session 5 of 6)Contact UsLEARN
Thu 9th June 2022SENCO Cluster MeetingAvailableVirtual
Fri 10th June 2022Engagement Model (Session 1 of 2)AvailableLEARN
Tue 14th June 2022Positive Psychology for WellbeingAvailableLEARN
Wed 15th June 2022Computing Network (CIT Schools Only - 3/3)AvailableVirtual
Wed 15th June 2022LENS 22: Communication ConferenceBookings coming soonLEARN
Thu 16th June 2022Elklan (Day 3 of 3)Limited Places RemainingLEARN
Fri 17th June 2022Joy of Teaching in Early YearsAvailableLEARN
Mon 20th June 2022Early Years Leadership Network (Session 3 of 3)AvailableLEARN
Tue 21st June 2022NEW COURSE: High Quality TeachingAvailableLEARN
Tue 21st June 2021Maths Network (CIT Schools Only - 3/3)AvailableVirtual
Wed 22nd June 2022Accelerated Approach to LearningAvailableLEARN
Thu 23rd June 2022LENS 22: Graduated ApproachBookings coming soonLEARN
Fri 24th June 2022Engagement Model (Session 2 of 2)AvailableLEARN
Tue 28th June 2022Whole School Staff Behaviour ManagementBookings coming soonLEARN
Wed 29th June 2022English Network (CIT Schools Only - 3/3)AvailableVirtual
Wed 29th June 2022New to SEND (Session 6 of 6)Contact UsLEARN
Thu 30th June 2022Team Teach Level OneAvailableLEARN
Fri 1st July 2022Special Heads MeetingAvailableLEARN
Mon 4th July 2022Emergency First Aid at WorkAvailableLEARN
Tue 5th July 2022Middle Leader Forum (Session 3 of 3)AvailableLEARN
Tue 12th July 2022Paediatric First Aid (Day 1 of 2)AvailableLEARN
Wed 13th July 2022Paediatric First Aid (Day 2 of 2)AvailableLEARN
Thu 22nd Sep 2022LENS 22: Elklan (Session 1)Bookings coming soonLEARN
Wed 28th Sep 2022LENS 22: Specialist Teaching TeamBookings coming soonLEARN
w/c 3rd Oct 2022LENS 22: MPTABookings coming soonLEARN
Wed 9th Nov 2022LENS 22: High Quality Evidence Informed InterventionBookings coming soonLEARN
Fri 25th Nov 2022LENS 22: Behaviour and Engagement LaunchBookings coming soonLEARN
Tue 29th Nov 2022LENS 22: High Quality Teaching in SEND EEFBookings coming soonLEARN
Thu 2nd Feb 2023LENS 22: Ofsted from SEND PerspectiveBookings coming soonLEARN
Tue 7th Mar 2023LENS 22: EHCPBookings coming soonLEARN
Wed 29th Mar 2023LENS 22: Using Data as a SENCOBookings coming soonLEARN
Thu 20th Apr 2023LENS 22: Behaviour and Engagement EvaluationBookings coming soonLEARN
Wed 24th May 2023LENS 22: SEND in the Mainstream ClassroomBookings coming soonLEARN

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