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Wed 18th May 2022Outdoor First Aid (Day 1 of 2)SOLD OUTLEARN
Thu 19th May 2022Outdoor First Aid (Day 2 of 2)SOLD OUTLEARN
Fri 20th May 2022New to SEND (Session 5 of 6)Contact UsLEARN
Tue 24th May 2022Specialist Schools Leadership MeetingAvailableVirtual
Tue 24th May 2022NEW DATE: Maths ModerationAvailableLEARN
Thu 9th June 2022SENCO Cluster MeetingAvailableVirtual
Fri 10th June 2022Engagement Model (Session 1 of 2)SOLD OUTLEARN
Tue 14th June 2022Positive Psychology for WellbeingAvailableLEARN
Wed 15th June 2022Computing Network (CIT Schools Only - 3/3)AvailableVirtual
Mon 20th June 2022Early Years Leadership Network (Session 3 of 3)AvailableLEARN
Tue 21st June 2022NEW COURSE: High Quality TeachingAvailableLEARN
Tue 21st June 2021Maths Network (CIT Schools Only - 3/3)AvailableVirtual
NEW COURSE: Thu 23rd June 2022Lego TherapyAvailableLEARN
Fri 24th June 2022Engagement Model (Session 2 of 2)SOLD OUTLEARN
Tue 28th June 2022Whole School Staff Behaviour ManagementComing soonLEARN
Wed 29th June 2022English Network (CIT Schools Only - 3/3)AvailableVirtual
Wed 29th June 2022New to SEND (Session 6 of 6)Contact UsLEARN
Thu 30th June 2022Team Teach Level OneSOLD OUTLEARN
Fri 1st July 2022Specialist Schools Leadership MeetingAvailableLEARN
Mon 4th July 2022Emergency First Aid at WorkAvailableLEARN
Tue 5th July 2022Middle Leader Forum (Session 3 of 3)Contact UsLEARN
Tue 12th July 2022Paediatric First Aid (Day 1 of 2)AvailableLEARN
Wed 13th July 2022Paediatric First Aid (Day 2 of 2)AvailableLEARN

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